2018 iGEM专栏序言
Preface for special column on iGEM (2018)
DOI:  10.13345/j.cjb.180521
英文关键词:international genetically engineered machine competition, iGEM, synthetic biology
张浩千 1 北京大学前沿交叉学科研究院北京 100087 
陈国强 2 清华大学 生命科学学院北京 100084 
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      国际基因工程机器大赛 (iGEM),作为一项以合成生物学为主题,集合了多种交叉学科的学生科研赛事,已成为了当今生物科研领域属于年轻人的最具活力和影响力的舞台。近年来,许多来自国内的大学和高中队伍不仅在比赛中取得了优异成绩,还做出了具有创新性的科研成果。为此,我们特组织出版了此iGEM专刊,集中报道近年来国内多支iGEM参赛队的研究工作,同时关注、探讨iGEM大赛在中国的发展情况和对大学生科研能力培养的启示。
      Themed in synthetic biology, supplemented with multiple inter-disciplines, International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM)Competition provides with a most influential and dynamic platform for young minds in the field of biology. Many college and high school teams not only achieved excellent results in this competition, but got academic breakthrough achievements as well in recent years. Hence, we launch this iGEM special editorial column, featured in latest domestic iGEM research projects. Simultaneously, we discuss, in this special issue, about the progress of iGEM in China, and its inspiration on development of research skills and scientific competence of collegiate students.
张浩千,陈国强.2018 iGEM专栏序言[J].生物工程学报,2018,34(12):1871~1873
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